2022 USB V-CAN3 J2534 Interface for Vehicle Spy 3 Software, ForScan and PCM-FLASH

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USB V-CAN3 J2534 Interface

What is USB V-CAN3?
USB V-CAN3 is used for the development of automobile ECU and automobile inspection products, the modification, and testing of automobiles, which makes it a perfect choice for automobile OEMs, automobile parts companies, and R&D and production companies of automotive diagnostic products.

Burst Points
  • Supports 2-way CAN acquisition simultaneously
  • Supports Vehicle Spy software, complimentary Pro license
  • OBD16PIN cables for J1939 and automotive diagnostics on CAN
  • J1939, OBD2 on CAN, Keyword Protocol over CAN, UDS diagnostics, DeviceNet, and CANOpen are all compatible with USB V-CAN

Software Support:
A copy of Vehicle Spy 3 Trial Edition is included with VCAN3. This program is a powerful vehicle bus analyzer for monitoring messages and configuring baud rates.
Vehicle Spy Basic is a single tool for data acquisition and in-vehicle communication networks bus monitoring. Vehicle Spy was designed with a focus on ease of use and user productivity.

The USB V-CAN3 supports some J2534 protocols and can be used as a J2534.
Software such as PCM-FLASH and Forscan have been tested to work with USB V-CAN3 devices.
USB V-CAN3 does not have GPT and boot cable, PCM-flash can only do OBD mode if using this J2534.

USB V-CAN 3 is fully isolated from the PC and includes certified drivers for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. X, 10, and Linux. USB V-CAN 3’s isolation layer is self-powered from USB which eliminates the need for external power for the CAN transceiver.

High Performance
With the ValueCAN3 it is possible to run the network at a high load rate of 1 Mbit per second. The Value Can3 operates on high-speed CAN networks, including 100% utilization at 1Mbit baud rate on both channels, thanks to a 1Mb buffer on the device.
Real-time Running
ValueCAN3 supports loading scripts created by Vehicle Spy Professional, which run in real-time with microsecond precision, which can be controlled or monitored by a PC application.
Test with PCM Flasher

Test with Forscan

  • ISO11898 dual wire CAN Physical Layer (TJA1040x2) compatible with Device Net and open
  • J2534 Compliant for CAN and ISO15765
  • RP1210 Compliant for CAN and J1939
  • CCP protocol hardware acceleration
  • Supports listen-only operations
  • Double-buffered CAN transmission
  • Industry-standard 9-pin D-sub connector pinout
  • Integrated 1 meter USB cable
  • Transient and reverse battery protected
  • Green and red LEDs indicate transmission or reception of USB data
  • LED indicates transceiver power
  • Operating temperature range: -40° C to +70°C
  • Fully USB-powered with an option for external power
  • Input from 9-26V DC; compatible with 24V industrial systems
  • Isolated transceiver side
  • Power Consumption: 15mA @ 14.4 VDC (typical); 100mA @ 14.4 VDC (maximum during bus fault)
  • Onboard Processing: 40 MIPS RISC-based design
  • 64-bit time stamping to an accuracy of 0.5 microseconds for one channel or 5 microseconds for two channels; timestamp never overflows
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.X / 10 and Linux drivers
  • Field-upgradeable flash firmware
  • Vehicle Spy included for baud rate setup
  • Graphical Bit Timing Tool
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