NP Tools Smart 5 In 1 Tool HU92V.2

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NP Tools Smart 5 In 1 Tool HU92V.2

What is NP Smart 5-in-1 HU92V.2?

It is a smart decoder 5-in-1 tool which can perform unlocking, code reading, storage proof, data reading. 

Why need NP Smart 5-in-1 HU92V.2 tool?

It will help locksmith solve any of these problems:
Inaccurate key bitting reading
Not clear at night 
Inconvenient to record bitting code

NP Smart Tool Features:

Led display 
Locking data
Universal battery (CR2032 Lithium Cell 3V, which can be easily transported by air) 
Real-time power 
Positioning on
Reset calibration
Multiple storage: up to 12 groups of data storage with query function. 

Smart decoder 5-in-1 tool parameters:

Power consumption: approx. 30 -50 cycles
Weight, tool material: stainless steel, package size
Display: LCD with white background light panel, batteries. 
Supported storage capacity: 12 data sets
Operating humidity: less than 95% humidity (non-condensing), operating temperature. 

Package includes:

1pc x NP Tools Smart 5 In 1 Tool HU92V.2