MST-90 120A Automotive Voltage Regulator Stabilizer for ICOM Programming

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MST-90 120A Automotive Voltage Regulator Stabilizer for ICOM Programming


* Smart vehicle Program
* Charging dedicated power
* Input voltage 220V only, Output Voltage 14V/120A.
* High temperature alarm.
* Intelligent charger for motor vehicles starter battery
* Extensive protection functions and self-protection functions
* Short circuit and reverse polarity protection

Applicable Models: V-olvo, , V-olkswagen, A-udi, B-MW, M-ercedes-, G-eneral Motors Etc.

Automotive Programming Dedicated Power Output Characteristics

DC voltage: 14.5V
Rated current: 0-100A
Rated maximum power: 1500W
Ripple and noise: 100mVp-p
Automotive Programming Dedicated Power Input Characteristics
input voltage: AC220V±15%
Frequency range: 40-60HZ
Power Factor: 0.95
Efficiency: 85%

Automotive Programming Dedicated Power Protection Features

Overload: 90-110% of rated output power
Output voltage/ A : 14V /120A
Working temperature: -40°C±85°C
Safety: UL60950, TUV EN60950-1
Withstand voltage: I / P-O / P: 3KVAC I / P-FG: 1.5KVAC
Insulation resistance: I / PO / P, I / P-FG: 100M Ohms, 500VDC/25 C / 70% RH
EMC: Complies with EN55022, EN61000

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