Launch X431 VSP-600 Video Scope Supports LAUNCH X-431 Scanners and All Android and IOS Device

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Launch X431 VSP-600 Video Scope


1. You can view, record and save images and videos.
2. Allows you to check issues on unreachable area in a vehicle.
3. Compatible with LAUNCH X431 scanner for any Android devices and streams live video on it.
4. Work on all Android and IOS phones


View, record and save images and videos
Take images easily with one-click snap shot button
Easy to adjust the strength of light(6 levels) 
View & save images/videos on Launch X-431 scanner 
Viewable angle: 60℃-65℃
Cable length: 2M

Technical Parameters:

Items VSP-600
Len O.D. (mm) 5.5mm
Tube O.D. (mm) 4.8mm
Tube Length 800mm
Sensor Size 1/9”
Resolution  1280x720



Power Supply  5V
USB Port USB2.0/Type C/Micro USB

Packing List

1set X Launch X431 VSP-600 Video Scope