KZYEE KS11 Brake Fluid Analyzer Professional Brake Fluid Tester Digital Brake Fluids Analyzer with 5 LED Indicator Calibrated for Truck Car Diagnosis

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KZYEE KS11 Brake Fluid Analyzer Professional Brake Fluid Tester

KZYEE KS11 Brake Fluid Analyzer Description:

The Automobile Brake Fluid ( Hereinafter referred to as brake fluid )is a kind of liquid that used to transfer pressure to stop the rotation of wheels in the hydraulic braking system. Its quality,selection and using correctly or not will relate to the driving safety directly.

The Brake Fluid Analyzer which developed and produced by our company can test the brake fluid quality quickly and accurately,check the humidity to indicate you the brake fluid state, and providing you with reliable basis for the maintenance and replacement.

Different types of brake fluid will vary according to the different boiling point of the water contained,the brake fluid should be replaced timely when its water content is over standard, to ensure your driving safety

Top 9 Reasons to get KZYEE KS11 Brake Fluids Quickly Checker:

1.This product is specially designed for measuring brake fluid"DOT3", "DOT4"  and "DOT5.1"
2.Probe waterproof design
3.Power supply:7th(AAA)Battery (Without Battery Please purchase locally)
4.Working Voltage: 2.0V~3.5V
5.Working current: 40mA, Shut off current less than 5uA
6.Support low power alarm and low power automatically shut off, protect Rechargeable battery.
7.Auto Power Shut Off: No operation Auto Power Shut Off 1 Minute later
8.Operating Temperature:-0-40 degree
9.Storage Temperature:-20-60 degree

KZYEE KS11 Brake Fluid Analyzer Features:
Detect the brake fluid performance quickly by measuring the water content of the brake fluid, in order to replace the brake fluid timely.
This instrument applies to DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1 these three types of brake fluid testing, using the AC pulse testing method, greatly to reduce the polarization phenomenon during the brake fluid testing, the test result is accurate and the measuring speed is fast.
This instrument is equipped with digital tube digital display, sound and light alarm combining LED lights and buzzer, automatic power off function to save power, it is intuitive and easy to understand, convenient to carry.

Battery type and replacement
This instrument uses a 9V layer-built battery to provide power, a battery need to be installed before using. When assembling the battery, open the battery cover at the back of the instrument, fasten the 9V layer-built battery to the battery buckle of the instrument, and then cover with the battery cover.
If the battery power is insufficient, the green LED light will twinkle after starting up, indicating to replace the battery, the method of battery replacement is the same as the battery assembling, remove the old battery and then replace a new battery.

How to Use KZYEE KS11 Brake Fluid Analyzer:

Press the on-off key to start up, the instrument will self-test after starting up, all LED indicators on, and then the DOT3 light on, the first indicator (green) on, the digital tube displays 0.00%, this shows that the instrument is normal.
The instrument default select the type of DOT3 brake fluid after starting up, if you need to select other brake fluid types, please short press on-off key to select the desired type of brake fluid.

After selecting the type of the brake fluid, insert the probe into the brake fluid and do not against the cup wall or the cup bottom of the brake fluid, shaking the test probe, and then wait for calm, the digital tube will display the water content of the brake fluid and the indicator light will indicates the brake fluid quality.


Interpretation of test results:
Green LED (<1%) ON: The brake fluid performance is excellent
Yellow LED(>1.5%) ON: The brake fluid performance is fine
Yellow LED(>2.5%) ON: The brake fluid performance is OK, but it need to be detected and observed in the near future
Red LED(>3%) ON: The brake fluid performance is poor, it need to be replaced
Red LED(>4%) ON: The brake fluid performance is extremely poor, it need to be replaced immediately !
After the completion of each test, please use the dry cloth or paper towel to wipe the fluid of the test point. 
1.This product support Ni-MH recharging batteries.
2.After finishing testing,please clean the probe in case the Retention of stains will affect usage next time.
3.If Unused for long periods, it is recommended to remove the battery, put the product stored at room temperature and dry place.

KZYEE KS11 Brake Fluid Analyzer Package Includes:

1pc x KZYEE KS11 Brake Fluid Analyzer
1pc x User Manual